the move.

Two weeks ago today Tyler and I landed at the Honolulu International Airport. We picked up our bags containing everything that we deemed worthy enough to move with us to Hawaii and walked out the door into the open air of Oahu. The flight from Phoenix was very surreal in the fact that it felt completely normal, just like every other vacation flight I’ve ever taken. Only, it wasn’t a vacation flight. It was one-way with a world of uncertainty waiting for us at our destination.

My friend Michelle picked us up at the airport and swept us off to Hickam AFB, to her beautiful home right on Pearl Harbor. She helped us get settled and prepared to watch her two jack russel terriers, Hunter and Honey, for the weekend while she went out of town with her husband Mike. Then we hopped back into the car to check out a few over-priced car lots in the area and then on to an apartment showing we had scheduled for that night over on the windward side.

We had been watching Craigslist everyday for months preparing for this move, keeping an eye on the apartments coming and going on and off the market. By comparison the one we had a showing for seemed like an awesome deal since it was a one bedroom (not a studio), had a stove and oven (instead of a hot plate), and came with all the utilities already included (which otherwise would have been ~$200 on top of rent). We took a look at it and immediately decided we wanted it. The landlords were friendly and the place was better than the ad let on.  We decided to fill out the application that night. 8 hours on the island and we knew where we wanted to live… Check it off the list!

The next step was to find a car. We were lucky enough to be able to use Michelle and Mike’s while they were out of town, which was a total life-saver. The next morning after dropping our hosts off at the airport, Tyler found an ad that seemed like a great deal, so we immediately headed over to check it out. It needed a new alternator and had some minor body damage (aka it’d been keyed about 5 different times) but it fit the bill and we started the process of buying it. We had never bought a car before and Maria (a very kind, very short Filipino woman with a heavy accent) had never sold one. It was like the blind leading the blind and we ended up spending a lot of time with her that day trying to sort everything out, but hugs were given at the end, and we came away with a car within 30 hours of landing… Check! (Almost)… We weren’t able to get the title and insurance until the next Tuesday, but it all worked out.

Friday, Tyler started his first day of training with Aaron’s Dive Shop, which meant he got to go scuba diving for the day, so he was totally psyched! Since we only have one car, I dropped him off bright and early and went about exploring our new town, Kailua. The next few days went on much the same; taking care of the pups, Tyler working, and me exploring.

We got the keys to our new apartment the next Wednesday and moved in on Friday. We had found some furniture and essential household items, and were able to move them in with the use of our friend Brian’s truck. One thing we didn’t have yet was a bed. After the first night of sleeping on our only semi-comfortable, fold-down couch Tyler decided it wasn’t going to happen again and that we were going to get a mattress that day no matter what, and luckily we did!

So far we’ve loved being in Hawaii, but it still feels a lot like an extended vacation. I have put off job-hunting until we were finally settled… which we are now… which sadly means it’s time to find a job. And even though Tyler has been working quite a bit already, he’s working at a dive shop and getting paid to do one of his favorite hobbies. It doesn’t get much better than that!

It was a big jump of a move, arriving with practically nothing and devoid of any real plans, but we’ve been blessed to have everything come together better than I ever imagined.

Now we just need some visitors!