We pau. (We’re done.) It’s moving day. Everything is cleaned, packed, and put away.

We woke from a rather sleepless night to a rainy gloomy morning, appropriate for our less than exuberant moods. This journey mirrors the one we took a year and ten days ago. I spent the last few days packing the same clothes into the same suitcase, rolling up each piece just like I did on the living room floor back in Belleville last June. Another giant move.

We are soon to be on a plane and I am sure the same surreal feeling will be there heading away as there was upon our arrival. There’s just something about a one-way ticket that is a total mind bender. It’s an invitation for the unknown. Flying to Hawaii I remember being in total disbelief that we had no idea when we would again be flying over the Pacific Ocean back to the mainland. We were going to be living on an island indefinitely… woah.

Now it’s the opposite but still the same. Leaving one place for another, not knowing when we’ll ever return to sweet Hawaii. Oahu. Kailua. Olomana.  So many exciting opportunities are in store for us, but it’s hard to say goodbye. A big part of each of us is clinging to the island, unwilling to let go.

I was awed the first day I spent at the beach last June thinking about the fact that I’d be able to go there any time I wanted to. Because we lived here! Yesterday we spent our last day on Kailua Beach by our favorite Banyan tree. No longer will we be able to be at the beach in 10 minutes or less, saying goodbye to that beautiful blue water was sad.

All of our goodbyes have been sad; the people we’ve met, the beach, the banyan tree, Kailua town, our apartment, our jobs, Larry, Leiko, our favorite restaurants (Kalapawai Cafe), Tyler’s dive sites, his frog fish friends, my courtyard, the gorgeous weather, the breathtaking mountains, and last but not least Private Edwin who is being adopted by the new tenants.

Our excitement for the move has been temporarily abated and replaced by a mourning for our Hawaiian lifestyle. This year has gone by so fast it’s been a dream.

A year of our lives we have spent here on this island that is very much a home to us now.  One unique chapter in our lives that we will no doubt look back on longingly through a rosy glass.

This is the year we spent Learning to be Hawaiian.

5 responses

  1. Wow….what can I say. I’m tearing up for you guys….. I know the feeling.
    Learned to be Hawaiian….now it’s gone. How brave!

  2. You write a perfect ending to your story. Very sweet and sad. But what a great experience for you and Tyler. You’ll always have Hawaii!!!!
    Love you

  3. Amy, beautifully written. It makes me sad to read the finality of it all. Safre travels. Looking forward to seeing you Friday if not before. G Marjy

  4. Amy, hello,
    I am living for a few months in a house in Olomana and stumbled across your blog from last year. I didn’t expect to, but I read the whole thing. You are a good writer.

    It is raining at Kailua beach today, but there’s always tomorrow.

    Aloha, Bob G

    PS: I saw Larry this morning, he’s doing fine.

    • Aloha, Bob!
      Thank you so much for your kind words!! It’s great to get an update, too! I hope you really enjoy your time there, it is a fabulous place to live and if you are like us you’ll miss it when you leave. Tell Larry hi for us :)
      Enjoy the beach!

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